Welcome to the Helston Sasso Twinning Association

Helston has been twinned with Sasso Marconi Italy for 46 years.

m1.jpgIn 1901 Marconi experimented with radio signals from Poldhu to St. Johns, Newfoundland.   And on 12 December that year he heard the signal for the first time.  This obviously went down in history and eventually after the second world war countries were encouraged to twin with each other to encourage friendship and trade.

The Mayor of Sasso wrote to the mayor of Poldhu, but of course there wasn’t such a position.  After a while the request to twin was passed to Helston and on 5 October 1968 Helston and Sasso Marconi signed the twinning agreement.

In 2005 Helston town council decided that they could no longer continue with the running of the association and it was offered to a group of volunteers.

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